Garage Doors Affected by Temperature

When it comes to garage doors, most homeowners consider them to be an element of their home they encounter when leaving and arriving each day and that’s it. We pay little attention to our garage doors, but they are incredibly important components to the home. They keep our belongings safe and secure and need to function properly. Did you know that garage doors can be affected by the elements, particularly extreme heat? The Arizona hot summers can be damaging to garage doors and without effective repairs, you may be in for a major expense in the long run due to door damage.

Heat Effects Garage Doors

How Heat Can Affect Your Garage Door

In Arizona, the heat and humidity can reach record numbers each summer. The high temperatures can make your garage heat up to well over 100 degrees during the summer months. This type of heat can cause the electronic components of your garage door to require an adjustment based on sensitivity. During the summer, you may begin to notice that your door is not closing well or it will not stay closed. You may require a professional inspection to see what the problem is or to make adjustments to deal with the hot weather element.

Heat can actually cause parts of the door to expand. If you have the owner’s manual of your garage door, you can check to see if any changes need to be made during the summer months due to weather. Warnings might be present in the manual that will alert you to what can happen if the door is exposed to extreme hot temperatures.

If you cannot find what you are looking for in the manual you can speak with a garage door specialist for advice. Lubrication is also important during the summer months. With humidity and heat, proper lubrication will ensure the components of your garage door can continue to operate smoothly.

Without quality lubrication, the components of the door can be subject to more friction which can lead to broken parts that require replacement. This is of course an added cost that you want to avoid.

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Sunlight Issues

In the summer, we look forward to a little extra sunshine. We enjoy spending time outdoors in the sun and find shade when we get too hot. Depending on the placement of your garage door, the sunlight may hit the door for a long periods of time without shade. The sun hitting the door may cause the sensor components to become confused.

The sensors are used to ensure the door stops moving when something is in its path. The goal is to avoid crushing or hitting the object. During a sunny day, the light rays may cause the door to open back up. The glare can affect how you use your door. To avoid this, try to find something to provide shade for the sensors so that the door operates normally.

Summer Storm

Summer Storms

During the summer, storms are also prevalent. You never know when a severe monsoon / electrical storm will occur and a power surge takes place. A garage door opener can be susceptible to summer storms. If a lightning strike were to occur near the home, it can cause a surge that can damage the opener’s circuit board.

It is smart to have a safeguard in place to protect the circuit board of the garage door opener. Use a surge protector on the outlet where your door opener is plugged up. This is a cheap and simple solution that can safe you a great deal of headache and cost in the long run.

Wooden Garage Doors

While many garage doors are made of metal, there are some decorative options that are constructed from wood. With a wooden garage door, the material needs to be maintained properly especially regarding summer. Before and after the season, the wood needs to be treated. Moisture in the air can soak into the wood and lead to cracking or rotting issues.
Provide a weather-resistant finish to both sides of the door to protect it from the heat and sun’s rays during the summer months.

Overall, caring for your garage door is key during every season. Take preventative measures and consult the experts when needed to ensure that your garage door will operate effectively for many years to come!

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