Martin and Pella: Two Quality Garage Door Types for Your Home

A garage door is a key component to the home. When you have a garage, you want a quality door that will last a lifetime. You use the door frequently, to store your vehicle or enter you garage for stored items. You want a door that operates well, running smoothly year after year. For top quality garage door options, professionals recommend several brands, including Martin and Pella. Get to know these two brands to see how you can install a new garage door that offers style, convenience and quality workability.

Martin Garage Doors

With the Martin brand, homeowners have a premium option for garage door needs. Choose from aluminum, steel and glass products, finding the right garage door type for your home design. With a variety of components, sizes, colors and features, Martin offers a solid selection of garage doors suitable for every home.

A new option by the brand is Steel Athena. This garage door type gives the appearance of aluminum but is 40% cheaper by using the steel material. The patented door type provides high style and design at a fraction of the cost. When on a budget, homeowners can easily install this door type and have a beautiful option, adding to the exterior look of the home.

When ordering a Martin garage door, homeowners can choose from a variety of categories, creating a custom look for the home. Choose your panel style, opting for a grooved design, ribbed, long, short or other options. Depending on the door type you choose, paint, wood grain or powder coat may be available. You also have your choice of insulation type, hardware, windows, window tint and extras.

Pella Garage Doors

With the Pella brand, homeowners have a garage door option that is unique in design and exceptional in performance. A quality aspect of Pella is that they offer garage doors that are energy efficient, providing quality insulation and door thickness for your comfort needs.

This garage door type is perfect if you use your garage frequently. With the high R-value insulation rating options, the garage door maintains the temperature of the space. This helps to keep the cold and heat out year-round, so you can be comfortable while you work or play in the garage.

The construction of this door type also provides quiet operation. When your garage is located near living spaces, particularly bedrooms, you want the door to open as quietly as possible, so it does not disturb others. Maximum performance can be provided when you choose a thicker, polyurethane-insulated door type.

Pella doors also have added safety design and advanced protection. The SafeSheild patented design of the hardware reduces the risk of injury to the hands or fingers. Advanced protection with the Wind Load approved doors ensures garage doors in hurricane regions withstand the elements.

Like Martin doors, Pella also offers a quality selection of styles and color choices. Easily customize a garage door that will protect your home, but also add value and visual appeal.

Choose either of these garage door types and have a new door installed for your home that will look great and provide safe entry into your home, among other quality features. Legends Garage Door is a licensed vendor of both door manufacturers and is here for any questions you may have. Please call our office (623) 466-3699 or visit our garage door page.