Hiring a Trusted Garage Door Service Will Make a Huge Difference

When it comes to the installation or repair work of a garage door for your home, you don’t want to do the work yourself. You also do not want to take the risk of hiring a company that is not experienced or rated well for providing garage servicing in Arizona. The end result can be a garage door that is non-functioning and unsafe for your family. More money will have to be spent in the long run if you hire an unqualified company. Hiring a trusted garage door service company always makes the difference.

Find a Company You Can Trust

When it comes to garage door repairs or installations, as the homeowner, it is important to find a company you can trust. Do your due diligence. You want to check critical information on companies you are considering hiring to ensure they are trustworthy and will complete the job correctly and professionally the first time.

To begin, check for a physical address. A reputable company will have a physical address to back their company. Use Google Maps to locate the company. You can also check for a website. Today’s businesses rely on websites to provide information as most customers go online to find services they need. Even social media sites like Facebook can be a great source of information.

Look for the company in Google searches and Facebook to see customer ratings. You can view reviews and see how others liked or disliked the services provided. This will give you an idea of how the company will provide garage service for your home.

Once you have gathered enough information, contact a few companies. Ask questions about the services provided and see how you feel about who you talk to. Go with the company that has a long reputation in the industry and provides quality customer service as you ask questions and inquire about the company.

The Better Business Bureau can also provide information on reputable garage door service companies. You can check to see if a company is rated by the BBB and if so, what their rating is. The Better Business Bureau is a place where accreditation is given to a company based on how they assist customers. Ratings range from F to A+ so you definitely want to work with a company that has an A to A+ rating.
Review any complaints a company may have and then see how well they handled the situation. This will give you an idea as to how the company will handle your repair situation.

Finally, go the azroc.gov website and do a contractor search. You can search by company name, license number or even the owner of the company to verify they have a CURRENT and in good standing license. Make sure the address on the Contractor license matches the physical location of the company’s address. Be sure to check to see if there have been any complaints or license suspensions issued by the ROC, these are often red flags of contractors you will have problems with.

Worry-Free Repairs

If you hire a trusted garage service company, you can be worry-free when it comes to your repair needs. A trusted company will give you an affordable bid on the project and explain what work is required to get your garage door back on track, so to speak. The company should provide you a bid before completing any work.

Once finished with the project, you can rest easy knowing that your garage door is operational and ready to function for many years to come. When you hire a company that does not have a reputation and may seem shady, but cheap, you may end up with a garage door that is not really repaired or breaks down again in the near future.

This will cost you time and money, that you probably do not have. By hiring a top-rated company that offers trusted services, you will have a garage door that will be repaired and ready to use on time and on budget. Use the tips above to find the best company for your garage door service needs. If you have other questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to one of our team members, we’re happy to assist.