Do It Yourself Tricks to Get your Garage Door Unstuck

Having a garage is a big bonus when owning a home. With a garage, you can store your vehicles and keep them safe from the elements or have space where you can store items you do not use on a regular basis, but still need. While having a garage is a positive, having a garage door that is stuck is a big negative. If you find that your garage door sticks and is hard to get going, use the tips below to try and solve your problem.

Refresh Your Remote Batteries

It may be surprising, but in many cases, the issue with a garage door is that the batteries to the remote need changing. This simple fix may seem silly, but homeowners often to forget to replace the batteries to the remote, and the door ends up not opening. Change out your batteries and see what happens. Hopefully, your door is no longer stuck!

Try Your Hands

If your remote is not working and you have changed your batteries, try using your hand to open the door. Using your hands, try to raise the garage door. Pull the red rope that disconnects the motor from the door and if the door moves manually, then the issue is probably electrical. Look at the unit that attaches to your garage door ceiling to make sure this portion of the door has not come unplugged. Try checking the breakers of your home as a blown breaker can also be a power issue leading to your door not working correctly.

Check For Broken Springs

If the door will not work manually, check to see if the springs above the door are separated. If they are, you will need to call in the pros! You have broken springs and you will need to give us a call to replace them for you. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TOUCH OR REPLACE THEM YOURSELF!

Check the Door Tracks

If you have tried all of our tips, and the door still won’t work, then it is time to look at the track of your garage door. If the track has been bumped in some manner, it can be misaligned. If the track is off center, you can check it yourself. Use a ladder to reach the track. Feel for any bent places or areas where the track is not where it should be. You can then use a small wooden block and a hammer to even the track out. Be sure to use NON-Silicon lubricant to grease the track so everything runs smoothly once back in place; do NOT use WD40.

In most cases, a garage door can easily be fixed. Try these solutions yourself and see if you can find the right fix for your garage door. If not, then it is time to call in the experts. A professional who specializes in garage repair can easily find the issue and provide a solution so that your door is working again, allowing you easy access to your garage. If you have any questions or are experiencing any issues please call our office.