Garage Maintenance and Safety Tips

Garages are a quality addition to any home, providing a space for storage of belongings as well as vehicles. And while a garage is a bonus, it can also be a safety or security issue, if not maintained correctly. By learning more about garage maintenance and safety measures, you can take action into your own hands and focus your efforts on ensuring your garage is ready to function as it should, without issue or threat.

Maintenance Tasks

There are simple maintenance tasks you can complete yourself to be able to check the safety and security of your garage door system. Whenever you are inspecting the garage, be sure to alert everyone in the home. This way, the door is not opened or closed by anyone until you are finished, ensuring that you stay safe during the inspection.

A visual inspection should be completed each month to determine if every aspect appears in order. The garage door should be checked while closed, with a review of the springs, rollers, cables, mounting hardware and more. Be on the lookout for cable fraying or wear. Is the hardware that is used for mounting the door beginning to loosen? If it appears as though something does not look right or sound right during your inspection, you might have a larger problem.

A reversing mechanism test should also be run each month. Open the door fully and use a piece of wood, such as a 2×4, and place it in the center of the opening where the door is located. Push the opener or wall button to shut the garage door. Once the door hits the wood, it should go in reverse automatically. If it does not, it should be serviced to fix the issue.

Safety Tips

Along with regular maintenance, safety tips need to be followed to ensure everyone in the home and visitors are safe. Children should not be allowed to play with the garage door control. Use the owner’s manual to able to determine how the emergency release feature of the door operates. If you have children, explain to them how dangerous it can be to place your fingers in the sections between the door. When installing a new door, consider purchasing one that has panels, so they cannot pinch tiny fingers.

Always be sure to place the control out of reach and out of sight. Never leave your remote in the car when you are parking where others can see it. Criminals are now starting to steal garage door openers to easily gain access to homes. By keeping your opener out of site or on your person, you can ensure that your home is not burglarized by criminals.

These are just a few tips that one should follow when a garage is located in the home. Care should be taken to ensure the door is used safely and maintained on a regular basis so that the garage can be used normally, without risk to anyone in your family or individuals who visit your home.