Garage Door Owners: Preventative Maintenance Tips You Should Know

When you own a home, often times, many aspects of the dwelling are taken for granted. Take your garage door for example. You use it every day and barely notice it. However, once it stops working, you easily become frustrated and overwhelmed trying to fix it. By learning more about preventative maintenance, you can avoid major repair issues with our garage door as well as ensure the safety of those in the home.

Every year, thousands of people are injured due to accidents involving garage doors. Learning more about maintenance tips will help to keep your family safe and secure when using your garage door. Along with regular maintenance, be sure to have a professional inspect your door from time to time to ensure all components are operating smoothly and correctly.

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Tune Up and Maintenance Check

As the homeowner, you can complete a tune-up and maintenance check on your garage door. When reviewing the door, be sure to unplug the opener and put tools away so the door cannot be activated while you are checking the components.

Use clamp locking pliers on the door tracks to stop the door from closing on you while you are working. Avoid messing with the torsion springs in the overhead section of the door. These springs can be very dangerous and easily cause an accident.

With the preventative maintenance check, start the process by visually reviewing the door and hardware. Look for damage to the door and call a professional if you see damage has taken place. Once you check the door, be sure to review the springs, fasteners, tracks, cables, hinges and roller wheels for rust or issues.

If you find rust or breakage, you can replace these parts yourself, if you feel comfortable. If not, then hire a professional to do the work for you. By replacing the damaged parts, your garage door will continue to function as it should without delay or potential accidents.

A simple maintenance check you can also complete is to tighten any nuts and bolts of the roller tracks or brackets. Over time, these components can loosen or shift as you use your garage door on a daily basis. By tightening these areas, you will ensure your door continues to function normally.

With many garage doors, the rollers are created from nylon material. Over time, this type of material can deteriorate. Look for cracks or chips in the nylon rollers if this is the type you have installed. If you have steel material, you will want to check the bearings and see if the wheel has tilted, which can cause damage or wear. Replacements can be added to correct any issue.

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Another DIY maintenance tip is to lubricate your garage door. When you hear a grinding metal sound, it can mean your door is in need of lubrication. Over time, without lubrication, the door can fail to function. White lithium grease is a great product that can be used to maintain your garage door chains. Spray the grease on the screw and chain to lubricate and improve function.
While you can maintain your garage door with a simple maintenance check and tune-up, it is important to rely on the professionals when a major repair is needed. Always have your door serviced by professionals to ensure accurate operation and performance.

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When it comes to garage door maintenance and repair, if you’re experienced and feel comfortable, use this tips to keep your door in tip top shape. If you don’t feel comfortable or have questions or concerns about your garage door please don’t hesitate to call our office. If we can lend advice or schedule one of our experienced techs to come out and take care of your door issues we’re happy to do so. Call today.