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Below is one of our many 5-star reviews serving all of central Arizona:
"Cory did a good job with my garage repair recently.  He went beyond the specific repair and lubed a few items here and there, thereby leaving the door operate much smoother & quieter.  Reasonable prices & professional service.  What else could anyone want?"

Albert H. in Scottsdale AZ


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Problems opening your garage?

Are your springs broken?

Need other repairs?

Call us today for expert assistance to identify the likely source of any garage door problems. Our garage door experts may even be able to help you immediately resolve the simplest issues. Further, we can begin to assess any further repairs or replacement parts that you will need. 

If you need a technician to come to you in Scottsdale or Greater Phoenix to provide repairs or installation of replacement parts, we can schedule that. Or, if you prefer to come to us to purchase the replacement parts from our warehouse in Phoenix, we can let you know if the part you need is currently in stock or will need to be ordered. 

Not sure yet what to do about your garage doors? Call us right now and we will help you simplify the issues and clarify your best options.

Why do we have 100% 5-star reviews?

Here are some common reasons that our clients recommend that you choose Legends Garage Door:

  • 100% Guarantee on Parts & Repairs
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